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PG-G4SCGLOCK Sub Compact Size Model Grip Frame Insert Gen 4&5
This product will only fit Generation 4&5 frames in models 26, 27 and 33.
PG-G4+Glock Magazine Extension GENERATION 4&5
For use on Generation 4 & 5 Sub-Compact, Mid, and Full Size high capacity Full Metal Lined Glock magazines. Increases the capacity of 9mm magazines by 2 rounds. Increases the capacity of 40 SW, 357 SIG by 2 rounds and 45GAP magazines by 1 round. Will not fit the 10mm or 45ACP models.
PG-G42733GLOCK GEN 4&5 model (26/27/33) plus extension
Replaces the magazine floor plate on generation 4 & 5 converting the factory model 27 and 33 magazines to ten round capacity and converts the factory model 26 magazine to twelve round capacity. All your State and local laws apply. GEN 4 & 5 MAGAZINES ONLY. May need modification when used on some Glock 33 magazines.
PG-G4MFGLOCK Mid and Full Size Model Grip Frame Insert
Back cavity frame insert for Glock mid and full sized frames. Fits model M17, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24, 31, 32, 34, 35, 37, 38, 44 and 45. This product fits Generation 4 and 5 frames.(Will not fit 20, 21, 40 and 41 models)
PG-26G4GLOCK Gen 4&5 model 26/27/33/39 grip extension
Replaces the magazine floor plate for Glock Gen 4&5 Model 26, 27 and Model 33. This product adds approximately 1" in length. It does not alter capacity.
PG-FI48Grip Frame Insert for GLOCK 43X & 48
Fills in the cavity in the heel of the grip body utilizing a friction fit to secure it to the frame. *** Will fit both the GLOCK 43X & 48(9mm)
PG-G5BPEnhanced baseplate for GLOCK Gen 5 M19,17 and 34
Fills the semi-circular cut-out in the lower front strap of the GLOCK Gen 5 frame adding gripping surface for enhanced comfort. Fits Gen 5 models 17,19 and 34. MODIFICATION MAY BE REQUIRED TO WORK ON SOME 10 ROUND MAGAZINES.