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Para : PG-P10

OUT OF STOCK Para-Ordnance model P10 (Warthawg, etc.) rubber wrap-around grips with checkered front strap
$24.95 msrp

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK ON THIS ITEM. This replacement rubber grip is constructed utilizing our "Injection-Welding™" process that chemically couples the non-slip rubber surface with the internal stiffening structure allowing for an ultra slim design. These grips provide superior control and comfort and add no additional width to the handgun. For those wanting rubber side panel grips, a quick trim of the front wrap-around feature will transform them into the thinnest rubber side panels available. This grip will also fit the Warthawg, Nitehawg and the Hawg 9. This grip will not fit the Slim Hawg frame.

Key Benefits

  • Front wrap-around feature is optional and can be removed by user if desired with a quick trim.

  • The grip is ultra thin and adds no width to the grip.

  • Provides a non-slip rubber interface for a more secure hold.