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Springfield Armory : PG-XDS

Springfield Armory XDS/XDE/XDS MOD2 series grip extension
$9.95 msrp

This unit replaces the magazine base plate on the Springfield XDS/XDE/XDSMOD2 in 45ACP, 40 S&W and 9mm SINGLE STACK MAGAZINES. This extension does not alter the capacity of the magazine. It adds approximately 3/4 inch additional gripping surface.

***If you are wanting the Grip Extension that adds one round capacity see part PG-XDS+

Key Benefits

  • These units blend with the contours of the handgun and have a factory appearance.

  • They are made from High Impact Polymer and withstand drop tests and temperatures from -20 F to 350 F.

  • They provide control and comfort without sacrificing conceal ability.