AR-15: PG-AR15

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AR-15 and Equivalents - Grip Adapter

This product replaces the pistol grip of the AR15/M16 series firearms allowing them to accept most Government Model 1911 side panel grips. The grip angle achieved with its application is the same as the popular 1911.*** Due to clearances on many of the Mil-Spec safety selectors levers it may be necessary to modify side panel grips to allow for proper selector function. (Elftmann push button and many 60 degree safety levers do not require these additional modifications)

Key Benefits

  • Allows the user to tailor the grip configuration to their specific hand size through the use of various 1911 grip configurations.
  • Converts the grip angle to the same as the Government Model 1911
  • May be used on any firearm that uses the AR15 standard grip style.